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Devon Parks

Managing Director

Devon Parks is the founder and managing director of Oprine Opportunity Funds.

As the driving force and visionary behind the Seattle-based company, Mr. Parks set out to change the way retail investors and tax professionals approach tax advantaged investments. In 2019, Mr. Parks began to create an elite financial instrument ozShares™ by Oprine Opportunity Funds the first retail investment product focused on offering all investors access to tax advantaged opportunity zone investments.

The company provides a unique offering to help investors, tax professionals including CPAs, EAs, attorneys and financial service providers help their clients proactively plan and implement tax strategies typically reserved for accredited investors that can rescue thousands of dollars in wasted tax.  

His more than 12 years of hands-on experience in business development, financial advisory, and business management provides him with ample skills to accomplish this mission. Mr. Parks has successfully worked with investors, financial service providers, and regulators across the country, creating a national network of highly qualified contacts to move forward ground breaking initiatives.

This premier opportunity fund designed for retail investors, tax professionals and financial advisers reaches across state lines to achieve specialized objectives within reasonable timelines and returns.